We’re a couple in Los Angeles who love discovering new cocktails. After meeting in Boston during our graduate/post-doc studies, we eventually made our way to sunny LA, where we both work in the tech industry. In addition to cocktails, we enjoy hiking in the hills around the city, cooking meals together, and traveling to new places.

One of us took a bartending class during grad school; the other got into cocktails more recently. We like to try intriguing drinks at bars and restaurants, learn their history, and add our own twists at home. We’ll share our recipes and tidbits on Mixed in LA. In addition to cocktails, we’re also into wine (we both passed our WSET Level 2 exam and are aiming for Level 3) so we may sprinkle in some wine facts as well.

We hope you enjoy this blog. Please leave your comments on which recipes you like, and what variations you’ve tried!


Emily Dunkel and Brian Milch