Oga’s Cantina

The robot DJ pumps up the crowd at Oga's Cantina

When we read about the new Galaxy’s Edge land at Disneyland Park, we were excited to hear about Oga’s Cantina: our chance to step into a bar scene from Star Wars. We made sure to visit on a recent Disneyland trip.

Our first tip regarding the cantina is to make a reservation. Even with a reservation, you may need to wait if you want to sit in a booth, rather than standing at the counter or a high-top table. The atmosphere is worth it, though, especially with the robot DJ bouncing along to his galactic dance tracks (too bad there isn’t actually a dance floor).

So, how are the drinks? For us, they were hit or miss. Based on what we and our friends ordered, the cocktails tended to be too sweet. The most spirit-forward drink we had was the Jet Juice, which was like a sweet and slightly peppery Old Fashioned. There were two wines on the menu: the Toniray, a not-so-great white wine dyed teal, and the Imperial Guard, an ordinary red. We also ordered some non-alcoholic drinks, but those were all way too sweet for us.  One cocktail stood out, though: the Outer Rim, basically a yummy margarita with what tasted like foamy passion fruit puree. Despite the just-ok drinks, we had a lot of fun at Oga’s Cantina; we plan to go again next time we’re at the park.


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