On our last trip to Napa Valley, we had a chance to try a Cabernet Sauvignon aged for over 30 years — our first time trying such an old wine. It had an intense, leathery aroma and flavor. It wasn’t necessarily better than a younger wine, but it was delicious in a different way.

When we got back to LA, we found Augustine in Sherman Oaks (listed as a top new wine bar by Food & Wine Magazine). Augustine has an extensive wine list, but what drew us in was their nightly selection of about ten vintage wines — often dating back into the 70’s — that you can order by the glass. You can even get a half glass if the bottle has already been opened (labeled with an “O”, see picture below).

The bartenders are friendly and love to talk about wine, and the atmosphere is quiet and cozy, with antique decorations to match. If you prefer to sit outside, there’s a small, comfy patio in front. Augustine has quickly become our favorite wine bar; we’ve been going back every few weeks. We definitely recommend a stop if you’re in the LA area.


Emily likes this wine bar so much that she did a mini watercolor of it:

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