Orange Wine

A bottle of orange wine from Slobodne Winery.

Did you know that besides red, white, and rosé wine, there is also orange wine? We didn’t! We saw it on the menu at the Antique American Bar in Bratislava and had to give it a try. It was definitely different than any wine we’ve had before. It had apricot aromas but was very dry and tart.

Orange wine is made with white grapes fermented on the skins like red wine is made (we got this explanation from my brother, who works at a winery). We tracked down a bottle to take home at a local gourmet grocery store in Bratislava. The bottle is from Slobodné Vinárstvo, which means Free Winery. The name of the wine is Cutis Deviner: “cutis” means grape skins, and “Deviner” is their blend of Devin and Traminer grapes.



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